Agla is an angel of eccentric mannerisms and dress who seeks to pursue a career as an digital abstract artist despite her style being unfashionable. Her fellow artist Uriel, whose conventional portraiture style is far more popular, has offered her a space in his upcoming exhibition but her crippling perfectionism is making it difficult to meet the fast approaching deadline.

Things are looking up when she buys a books from Harahel that is filled with strange symbols that seem to represent an unknown language whose visual aesthetics spark Agla’s imagination.

Along with a chance encounter with outcast half-demon Verin who collects ‘junk’ that she likes the contours of, Agla’s art begins to take shape. However, when she is increasingly haunted by nightmares featuring a gas-masked Angel in robes covered with the glyphs, she has to decide if it is all worth it for art.
'The Bride'
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