'Machines' is a 2017 album by 'The Cuban Boys' (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/machines/id1252671259). The core theme of the album is 'revolution' and 'invention', with references to the 'Menshevik Russian Socialist Movement' and 'The Great Exhibition Of 1851'. With the sounds of rotating gears and steam ventilation that permeate the album, 'Machines' could not be a more appropriate title.

When it came to creating re-imaginings of the album cover and each of the thirteen tracks (later twelve when 9 and 10 were combined for the iTunes release), gears and other machinery were a recurring focus in the subject matter. In addition, I emphasised the 'revolution' aspect, adding a 'propaganda poster' edge to the images and rooting the composition inspiration in the 'Constructivist' style of the early 20th Century. As I have done with many of my designs that were inspired by this era, the colour scheme was kept strictly to three colours, cream (for the background), red and black. This created a sense of cohesion between the fourteen images.
Front cover: Machines
1: Air Blast Injection
2: A Spanner In The Works
3: Flashback Soundtrack
4: Strike While The Irony Is Hot
5: Master Of The Machine
6: Theme For A Revolution
7: The Pop Machine
8: A Machine Of The Great Exhibition
9: Lost Battle Of Brook Green
10: Rational Dress Society
11: Kids From The Rotating Door Of Fame
12: The Menshevik Machine
13: Steam Odyssey
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