This flyer is one of a number of commissions from this client, all of which follow the company’s colour palette consisting of two shades of green. Although the colour palette already existed in the Community Health Champion logo, it was I who proposed using it as the core colour palette, which the client agreed with and this colour palette has since been implemented in future jobs for them.

Combined with black and white, this is an ideal number of colours because it is versatile for variety and highlighting important information while not including too many colours, which might look too busy and would be more difficult to include every colour effectively.

The social media icons were created in Illustrator based on the official logos so that I had vector copies that suited the overall design (e.g. square or curved corners).
The Stoptober social media post for Facebook and Instagram demonstrated improvements based on my experiences with the ’Top Tips To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing’. For example, a generic symbol representing ‘the web / the internet’ was created to accompany the website address so that the URL fitted alongside the social media information and their logos.

Following on from the use of a JPG copy of the Active Oadby and Wigston logo, I gained permission to recreate it as closely as possible as a vector image, allowing for high resolution and greater versatility. The stubbed cigarette graphic was my suggestion to illustrate the message of the post and to grab attention. I designed it using the usual green colour palette, barring the white and orange of the cigarette because those colours were deemed essential it making it clear that the subject was a cigarette.
The Instagram variation of the post was split into two slides to ensure text was readable and not too cluttered. Attention-grabbing information and graphics were included on the first slide, which is what viewers would see when scrolling through Instagram, with a instruction to ‘swipe left’ to view the second slide. Since only those interested would view the second slide, all the contact information and credits were included on this slide.
One of the aspects of vector graphics that appeals to me about vector graphics is the ability to scale without loss in resolution quality. In my graphic design work, I dislike using raster versions of logos, especially those that are low resolution, and how they look particularly bad next to vector graphics.

Therefore, I have sometimes offered to recreate the logo in vectors as part of the commission. This logo for ‘Active Oadby and Wigston’ is one such example. The eyedropper tool was used on the original and the opacity was altered on the left figure to recreate the colours as closely as possible.

The word Active was recreated as outlined lettering using a combination of font sourcing websites and the Image Trace tool in Adobe Illustrator. The words ‘Oadby and Wigston’ was recreated in the closest match I could source because I was not provided with the original font nor its name.
This set of 8 recipes to be distributed to food banks continued the green colour palette, making effective use of it to increase legibility by making each text box distinct from each other and by alternating colour in the lists to distinguish each line from its surroundings.

Following on from the success of the Active Oadby and Wigston logo recreation, I was approved to recreate the Weight Management logo as well. The Oadby and Wigston official seal was left as a raster image and deemed sufficient when considering complexity of recreating it versus its print size and resolution.
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