Singer-songwriter Emma Ballantine's 4-track EP titled 'Somebody's Story' began as a way to tell other people's stories through her songs.

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I was commissioned to interpret the songs in my minimalist abstract geometric style. The commission originated as a competition to reimagine the first track, Secret Tunnel. After winning the competition for the second track, Harmonise, I was formally commissioned for the entire project, resulting in amendments to previous designs to bring them in line with a consistent compositional style.
'Secret Tunnel', originally featured a red colour scheme that was changed to orange by their request to better fit the subject matter.
Original version of the 'Secret Tunnel' design
Revised 'Secret Tunnel' design
The design for the second track, 'Harmonise', originally differed in compositional style to the first because it was a part of a separate competition.
Original 'Harmonise' design
However, although it won the competition, they requested that the design was heavily cropped.
Second draft of the 'Harmonise' design
Finally, when all four designs were completed and a design for the project as a whole was in the works, the design was amended once more. This was mainly done to make it a design that sat apart from the edges of the frame, thereby giving it room to breathe and to aid the creation of the EP's artwork.
Final version of the 'Harmonise' design.
Now that there was a clearer idea of how the designs should look, the design for the third track, 'Astronaut' did not change.
Nor did the design for the fourth track, 'Through Your Eyes'.
Through Your Eyes
The commission extended to the design of the completed EP and the sleeve for the physical version. Originally, I proposed a design consisting of elements from each of the four track designs.
1st draft of the 'Somebody's Story' design
Ultimately, simply arranging the four designs unaltered in a square frame was agreed upon for the EP album cover. The only major change was the choice of typeface. I favoured Futura in my previous designs, but the typeface 'SpecialElite Regular' was chosen by the client for the EP.

There are textless variants of the designs that are used on online sales platforms such as Bandcamp for the individual tracks.
Final 'Somebody's Story' design
Front and back designs for CD version of 'Somebody's Story'
Photograph of a CD copy of 'Somebody's Story'
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